Secured Credit Card

Credit cards

Control spending, establish good financial habits and earn rewards, with just one card.

The Secured Card looks and functions like any other Mastercard®istered;, the difference is how your credit limit gets determined.

Here��s how it works:

  • Apply and get approved for the card - just like with any other credit card
  • Open a Standard Provident Bank Secured Savings Account
  • Make a one - time deposit (up to the amount of your approved limit) into the account - this determines your spending limit
  • Watch your deposit earn interest, while you build credit by using your new card

To help build your creditworthiness, we will report your payment history to major credit bureaus. Plus, we will give you free access to you FICO®istered; Score updated monthly so you will be able to keep track of where you stand. Then, when it is time to upgrade and close your Secured Card account, you will get your initial deposit back with interest.